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June 2023


To celebrate Pride Month, we reached out to Writer, Presenter and LGBTQ+ Activist Ben Pechey for them to explain the importance of size inclusivity within the LGBTQ+ community.

‘’I’m a huge believer that clothes, shoes, and bags are for anyone. In 2023, in reality, we still don’t see that mentality in regard to what brands create. Whilst many see heels as a feminine product, for decades the LGBTQ+ community have been dressing in fluid and open ways to affirm their gender, heels to me are an important tool to help me unlock my gender identity.

So to see Sophia Webster creating shoes up to a EU46 – when no other brands are doing this – is a huge step forward in inclusion. To be able to buy well-made, beautiful shoes, should be a universal experience. This is not only exciting, but it also can be very affirming to have a brand accommodate everyone!

Taking the right steps towards inclusion is what allyship looks like for the LGBTQ+ community – and I am grateful that Sophia Webster is committed to creating a brand based on equal values.’’

‘Your Gender Book’, Bens latest book, is available for Pre-Order on Amazon now  and our full Extend Size range can be shopped here on our website.