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Wifey of the Week

February 2017
Wifey of the WeekWifey of the WeekWifey of the WeekWifey of the WeekWifey of the WeekWifey of the Week


Our Wifey of the Week is Aylin-Diana. Here she explains why Sophia Webster was her only choice for everything bridal!

  1. What attracted you to choose the ‘Lacey Crystal ’shoe with the ‘Wifey for Lifey’ beaded clutch for your special day?

It was crystal clear to me, that I wanted Sophia Webster Shoes and Accessories for my special day. Her shoes and accessories are brimming over with life, unconventional and classy. I chose the “Lacey Crystal” shoe because of its beautiful colour (a soft pink with suptle, iridescent elements), its gorgeous crystal heels, the unique “wifey for lifey” sole and its fancy style. The beaded “Wifey for Lifey” clutch was the perfect, sublime and elegant match to my shoes and wedding dress.

  1. Describe Sophia Webster shoes in 3 words…

Unique, extraordinary, vivacious

  1. Did you base your wedding dress around the shoes or the shoes around the wedding dress?

 I based the shoes around the wedding dress, because I knew THE dress for such a long time.

  1. If you could name a pair of Sophia Webster Shoes what would it be?

 I would name it “Aylin”, of course!

  1. Where did you get your bridal inspiration from?

From me and Pinterest. Exclusively.

  1. What classic item was essential on your wedding day?

 I’m not the typical classic kind of bride, but I couldn’t spare to walk down the aisle without a four metre veil!

  1. As an official #SWBride what wedding tips would you share when choosing the perfect shoe?

I would say that it’s important to choose a shoe in which you feel like YOU and beyond beautiful. Choose the one, that is your love at first sight. In my opinion, shoes should never be understatement, but special! And have some flat shoes (in my case beige sneakers) for when the night becomes day ;)

  1. Will you be wearing your ‘Lacey Crystal’s’ again?

Of course I will!

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