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Chapter 3

May 2020

Introducing  Chapter 3: Sophia and Patrick

The story behind the coming together of two footwear greats and their journey together culminating in an iconic collection of loafers for today’s generation.  Key UKG artists and Patrick Cox recount how his shoes became the ultimate aspirational ‘it’-shoe for an entire clubbing subculture and beyond.  

Learn about Patrick and Sophia’s personal connections to the scene as well as their mutual appreciation for each other…

If you enjoyed Chapter 3, be sure to stay tuned for Chapter 4!
Coming soon.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this happen! 

Credits Contributors: Geeneus, DJ Target, DJ Spoony, Kele Le Roc, MC Bushkin, Rhiannon Barry, Lisa Maffia, Jossy Mitsu, IZCO Director / DOP: Grant Armour, Niall Coffey & Devin Yuceil Editor: Grant Armour Assistant Producers: Aniefiok Ekpoudom, Bwalya Newton, John Hill


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