Product Care

Extend the life of your Sophia Webster sole mates with our product specific care guide.

We understand that our luxurious footwear deserves the utmost care, so we wanted to provide you with some helpful tips to keep your Sophia Webster shoes looking and feeling like new for years to come.

Please note that our shoes come with a 1 year warranty when purchased from Kindly note that our warranty cannot be extended to cover products altered through accidental damage. Where this might be the case, we recommend that you reach out to a local and reputable restoration house or cobbler as well as refer to our product care below.

Sophia Webster will not be held liable for any damages incurred by a third-party repair company. In accordance with your consumer rights, any items that become faulty within warranty can be replaced (subject to stock) or refunded. Once outside of this timeframe, please contact our Customer Experience team for further advice. If you have purchased your shoes from a wholesaler, we kindly ask that you reach out to them directly to provide a suitable resolution.


Here at Sophia Webster HQ we are committed to providing quality, show-stopping designs with quality at the heart of everything we do. With Sophia’s expert eye overseeing each and every design at our East London Studio, the designs are then crafted to the highest standard by our trusted artisans across the world.

Working with these artisans, we only create small product quantities ensuring we have sourced and selected only the finest materials and embellishments from local suppliers.

Each pair is lovingly hand-finished by our artisans and are embellished, stitched, pressed and packed ready for their new home with you. Discover how some of our most loved styles have been crafted here.

As with most luxurious materials, our footwear should be treated and stored with care, as they are subject to wear and tear. Our customer experience team are always available and happy to offer support in line with our terms and conditions and your consumer rights.

Care Guide

Due to the intricate designs, some of our materials are delicate and may need special care and storage, here are our care tips to help you get the most out of your new Sophia Webster sole mates.

When wearing our shoes please be sure to avoid direct contact with heat, oil (body oils), grease (including make-up and sun cream), alcohol (like your favourite perfumes), and any other abrasive products, as we (Sophia Webster) cannot be held responsible for the deterioration of our shoes or bags if such instances occur.

Always store your Sophia Webster shoes/bags in their dust bag where provided, inside the SW box and out of direct sunlight and heat.

The soles of your Sophia Webster shoes will be subject to wear and tear and marking, this is totally normal and will not affect the longevity of your shoes. We kindly ask customers to try shoes on a soft, carpeted surface until you’re certain that you’ll be keeping them. Pock marking, indentations, and getting dirty and worn due to the elements and environment that you wear your shoes in is inevitable however, won’t affect the performance and durability of the shoe. 

If you decide to take the manufacturing sticker off (which we are required to put on the soles of all our shoes), part of the sole and colouring may also come off if not done with extreme care. We recommend not to remove this unless absolutely necessary. Any shoes returned to us without the sticker on them after being removed will not be refunded and will be sent back to you.  

The soles of our shoes are produced from leather in order to ensure they are of the highest quality. We advise that you remove the manufacturing sticker from the soles of our shoes with caution in order to minimise any damage to the delicate leather.

We cannot be responsible for any damage to the sole of the shoe caused by the removal of the manufacturing sticker. 

We hope you love our ‘Wifey for Lifey’ shoes for your special day and beyond! Please try your shoes on a soft carpet surface, we do not recommend wearing them during your dress fitting, without sole protection, if you wish to have clear pictures of the soles as scratches may occur with wear. The imprint on the sole of your shoe will become less visible as you wear it throughout your big day due to the natural friction between the sole of the shoe and the ground whilst you walk.

Due to the nature of this material, the appearance of our beautiful leathers can transform over time with slight colour changes and markings. Marks can be improved by gently buffing the affected area with a clean, dry, soft cloth. To maintain the appearance of your leather goods, be sure to store them in your dust bag.

The soft leather soles of our pumps, sandals and flats can become damaged if wet. Please keep out of the rain. 

We do not recommend using any sanitising wipes on leather material as this may cause damage to the finish of your shoes, resulting in a peel/crack texture overtime.

Metallic leather may lose some colour and become wrinkled over time due to wear, this is a natural process. You can extend the life of the leather by storing the shoes carefully in their dust bags and stuffing them with a tissue when they are not being worn.

If your item is crafted from Mirror leather: this surface is created using a metallic laminate to give a beautiful shine. Due to the delicate nature of this material, small scratches are likely to appear and you may see some surface discolouration over time. You can extend the life of the shoes by storing them carefully in their protective bags. 

Our wings are a signature design feature for Sophia Webster. When storing your shoes, please use the dust bag to ensure that your shoes and their wings maintain their shape and we would recommend protecting the wings with tissue paper provided in the shoe box. Too much movement of the wings may weaken the wing resulting in wear and tear damage overtime.

This product has been intricately handcrafted with crystals to create its unique charm. Take care when wearing and handling. Store carefully in the dust bag when not in use. Over time some crystals may fall out due to most of our crystals being hand placed by our artisans. If this occurs please contact customer service.

We regularly use gems on SW products to give the extra glitzy look. Please wear with care and when not being worn be sure to store it away in your dust bag. If any damage occurs to the gems, please contact customer service to assist you further however this may be subject to availability.

The array of vibrant coloured Italian satins are delicate and should not be cleaned with water. Extra care should be taken to avoid snagging or excess abrasion. Due to the nature of satin, it is advisable not to wear this material in wet weather. We recommend a professional dry clean when needed.

With regular wear, our shiny patent shoes may lose some of their glossy finish. Special care should be taken to avoid scratching and marking them. When not being worn, store patent products in their dust bags. Try to avoid contact with dark materials and solvents as colour transfer may occur. Make sure when storing your patent products they do not touch one another.

As a porous material, suede can mark easily. Using a suede brush will help to remove any loose dirt. Please keep this material out of the rain.

Please take care to avoid contact with anything rough or sharp, as this could damage the knit or neoprene upper material. For care, excess dirt can be removed carefully with a soft, damp cloth. Sneakers crafted from leather naturally will stretch over time to the shape of your foot. Please do not machine wash your sneakers!

Maintenance is key for any footwear, especially the white ones! Keep your new additions looking fresh with our top tips for caring for your sneakers.

Our first golden rule… NEVER put your leather sneakers in the wash! For any marks on the outer leather simply use a clean, dry, soft cloth to buff away any marks caused by wear. For our material sneakers, please take care to avoid contact with anything sharp or rough. To clean, excess dirt can be removed with a soft, damp cloth. 

Our next top tip for the lasting box fresh feeling! Clean Laces! Popping these in the wash for a machine cycle can keep your pair feeling fresh. 
In the instance of any damages or repairs however small, make sure these are addressed quickly! Contact our customer experience team via email or live chat with any concerns or for any further advice! 

When you’re not wearing your sneakers, storage goes a long way! Our pink boxes accompany any footwear purchase and are great for avoiding light, moisture, and any unnecessary marks and keeping the sparkle!✨ 

Feathers are very delicate and therefore need to be looked after with the utmost care. When not wearing your shoes make sure they are stored with the utmost care, preferably with the provided tissue packaging behind them, and a single piece of tissue paper wrapped around them to keep them in place. It is important that when stored, the feathers do not have pressure on them. Please store in a well-ventilated area as damp/humid environments may affect the materials. Be mindful of clothing when wearing your feathers as you may cause pulls & friction on the feathers resulting in damage. It is possible for some erosion to occur over time due to the nature of the material. To try and avoid this please keep your shoes in their dust bags. To refresh the look of the product, we recommend gently running your clean fingers through the feathers.

Shearling lining is relatively resilient to wear but may bald slightly from abrasion over time. To try and avoid this please keep your shoes in their dust bags.

Raffia is a delicate material and can fray. You can extend the life of the raffia by storing your shoes and bags carefully in their dust bags when not being worn.

PVC or commonly described as vinyl in shoes, is a synthetic fibre so its breathability is minimal and the surface may steam up during wear. You can clear any steam by using a soft, dry, clean cloth.

Due to the nature of the PVC, not only with Sophia Webster products but all products made with this material, it can appear cloudy or frosty upon delivery. The reason for this is due to a drastic change in temperature when the shoes are transported from our factories to our warehouse and then to our carriers (who often transport by air if purchased internationally) and then finally to you in your destination country. Our production team who work tirelessly with both our design teams and our factories have assured us that this is completely normal. 


To address this and remove the fogging, we recommend allowing the shoes 24-48 hours to revert back to their original clear state but placing them in a warm (not hot) and dry environment. Allowing the shoes to adjust to a more constant temperature should help the vinyl material regulate and restore its original appearance.


 In addition to this, we also recommend that you use a damp microfiber cloth and buff away the cloudy mist inside and on top (or where the fogging appears to be). This has proven to work, once the shoes become room temperature. Please note, that when the fogged appearance is removed, it’s rare it returns unless it’s exposed to particularly hard and cold environments. 


We understand how important it is for you to receive the quality products you expect from Sophia Webster, and we sincerely apologise for any frustration or confusion this may have caused in receiving your shoes like this but hopefully, this email has helped to explain what’s happened, why and what can be done to resolve. 


If after this period, you find that the issue persists or if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with further images as we would love to assist with this matter as much as we can.