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Black Lives Matter

November 2020
Sophia Webster Jumbo Lilico Sandal

Black Lives Matter

SWHQ stands in solidarity with each and every one of our black employees, friends, followers and the wider black community against all forms of racism.  Inclusion, equality and representation of black people will always be a focus of ours.    

When Sophia launched her brand she consciously chose to make her messaging inclusive of people with all skin tones, in particular black skin, by representing black models and customers in her communications.  Employment and retention of staff from black and all ethnic minorities has been an active process as the company grew, so has partnering with black-owned businesses. 

In a world where intolerable and blatant racism against black people continues to exist, we can no longer afford a lack of introspection within our own four walls.  In SWHQ the tragic killing of George Floyd has set in motion an active process of examination, consultation and culture-shifting to ensure a fair working environment for our black colleagues.  This includes regular dialogue with black team members about the inherent biases they experience and a review of representation of black staff at all levels of the company – set against a discussion at large about inclusivity within the company.  

Furthermore, we will leverage our platform to check in with ourselves and our audience annually on Juneteenth to raise consciousness about this on-going injustice, alongside a financial pledge towards causes that seek to improve the lives of black people.  We will publicly champion black-owned businesses that we use, and in so doing, encouraging our followers to do so as well.