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Holocaust Memorial Day

January 2021



This Holocaust Memorial Day (27th January 2021) I will be donating 20% of all full-price sales to the Imperial War Museum’s Holocaust Galleries. This donation is In loving memory of my wonderful Grandma, Ruth Webster, a Czech Jewish refugee who fled from Prague to London aged 7. 

The Imperial War Museum in South London was very close to my Grandma’s heart, having worked there as an educator for many years sharing her story as a young Holocaust survivor to the schools who visited. She passionately dedicated her life to teaching young people about the dangerous consequences of persecution, discrimination and hate. 

I owe so much to my Grandma’s bravery and resilience. She was inspirational to me in so many ways. She always sent me little notes or postcards with a butterfly sticker or a butterfly motif. Her fondness for butterflies has influenced my own fascination with them. I think the ability of butterflies to evolve after a period of struggle into something beautiful and free resonated with her. 

Grandma was forever grateful to have escaped from the Holocaust and to be given the opportunity to grow up and belong in a new country. It was so important to her that we always remember those who were less fortunate. 

Today let’s remember and honour all the Jewish, Roma, LGBTQ+, disabled victims and other communities who were targeted, dehumanised and murdered in the Holocaust and genocides across the world that followed. 

Together, #WeRemember. 

Sophia x 🦋

“Since 1917, IWM London has been collecting objects and stories revealing people’s experiences of war and preserving them for future generations. As the events of the Second World War and Holocaust pass from living memory and into history, our duty to preserve first-hand memories, as well as objects and diverse histories, and to educate future generations has never been more pressing.”


For more information on how you can donate please click here.

#SophiaWebster WeRemember