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Butterfly Conservation

June 2022

Sophia Webster X Butterfly Conservation


“Butterflies never cease to amaze me.  It’s not just their endlessly stunning wing colours I find inspiring but also the process of patience and struggles to transform from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. It, therefore, gives me great pleasure to support, for a second year running, Butterfly Conservation, particularly in their work monitoring butterfly and moth populations.  This year I am honouring two species whose populations are recorded by the charity’s conservation team: the Red Admiral and Clouded Yellow, both of which have given me incredible inspiration for two new Chiara designs.”  – Sophia Webster X

This summer Sophia wanted to celebrate the charity’s invaluable work monitoring butterfly and moth species. Since partnering with Butterfly Conservation last year, Sophia learnt that butterflies react quickly to environmental changes, making them key biodiversity indicators.  Enlightened with this information, Sophia has taken inspiration from two migratory species that are recorded by the charity – the Clouded Yellow and Red Admiral. The latter is a key spot in this year’s UK-wide Big Butterfly Count, a citizen science event crucial to data collection on species that are a focal point for conservationists.

To give back to the butterflies – which I owe so much, 30% of all profits from these styles will contribute to the charity’s Limestone Lepidoptera project, which conserves habitats and raises awareness of target species of butterflies and moths.

If you’re in the UK, join Sophia to spot butterflies and moths this summer by clicking here 

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