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Top Tips for cleaning and caring for your sneakers

October 2022

Maintenance is key for any footwear, especially the white ones! Keep your new addition looking fresh with our top tips for caring for your sneakers.

Our first golden rule… NEVER put your leather sneakers in the wash! For any marks on the outer leather simply use a clean, dry, soft cloth to buff away any marks caused by wear. For our material sneakers, please take care to avoid contact with anything sharp or rough. To clean, excess dirt can be removed with a soft, damp cloth.

Our next top tip for the lasting box fresh feeling! Clean Laces! Popping these in the wash for a machine cycle can keep your pair feeling fresh.

In the instance of any damages or repairs however small, make sure these are addressed quickly! Contact our customer experience team via email or live chat with any concerns or for any further advice!

When you’re not wearing your sneakers, storage goes a long way! Our pink boxes accompany any footwear purchase and are great for avoiding light, moisture, and any unnecessary marks and keeping the sparkle!