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The making of 'Heavenly'

October 2022

If Evangeline captured your heart – be prepared to fall head over heels once more! 

This newest collection has been handcrafted in Brazil and assembled using a variety of embellishments and textures. From our Bold carnival ombre colourway which boasts a rainbow of hues in shimmering textures to our mysterious midnight blue – ready to turn heads in every evening setting, no matter the destination! For a hint of extra glam, we created the dreamy candy floss pink marabou sandal, artisanal proof that you can have it all!

“My angel wing sandals, Evangeline, top my bestsellers list every season. I wanted to use this concept with new design lines, colours, crystallised wings and a fluted heel…the result? A new style named Heavenly!” – Sophia 🦋 x