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The Story of the Upcycled Collection

February 2023

Discover the story behind our upcycled collection. Crafted from surplus materials from styles and silhouettes you love, watch the journey from concept to creation of our newest upcycled collection. 

Ever wondered how our upcycled Collection is made? 

The upcycled collection began because Sophia believes that her brand is responsible for reducing waste. Instead of throwing away materials from previous collections, she revisits, reinvents and reuses them. 

It starts with receiving the surplus materials from the factory and the design team working together with Sophia putting together different combinations. Next digital renders of the shoes are made and Sophia then trims the collection down to a few of her favourite looks. Some are chosen to be high heels and some are chosen to be mids.

Once the sample arrives the shoes are then put through a wear test to make sure they look good on the foot and feel good too. 

Final decisions are then made on colour, design and fit and then it’s all sent back to the factory for production. With these being excess fabrics, the collection is limited to how many shoes can be made before each fabric options run out. Making each of these pairs limited edition. 

What do you think about our upcycled collection?