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Changing Stars Malawi

April 2023  |  By Emily

SW team supporting Changing Stars Malawi

This Christmas the SW office got together to support Changing Stars Malawi! A charity close to our hearts, their aim is to educate so that children in Malawi have the tools and knowledge to have a choice in how they live their lives and aren’t restricted by the hardships of everyday Malawian life. 

Every single penny raised is spent directly on the children. A few examples of how your donation can help; 

£6 covers a schoolgirl 

£12 covers a pack of 2 reusable nappies 

£10 covers a school uniform 

£90 covers a child’s meals for a year

£100 Nursery teacher salary for a month 

Find out more about their amazing work and donate here.

or follow their journey here 

Posted by Emily