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How to choose your Wedding shoes

April 2023  |  By Emily

Whilst we know you will have unlimited to-do lists for your wedding, choosing which wedding shoes to spend your big day in is undoubtedly the most important (in our eyes). Read below our best advice to help in your search for your sole mate!

Firstly, and most importantly! Choose your wedding shoes for YOU! White or ivory wedding shoes, whilst classic, are not a requirement! Don’t be afraid to choose a daring colour or style that matches your personality. Additionally, a subtle change in tone/texture can the perfect accessory to make your dress SHINE. Why not check out our champagne glitter collection, loved widely by our wifey’s to be, these elegant silhouettes have been paired with our signature glitter colourway to create the perfect bridal shoe to last a lifetime.

Secondly, do not wait until the last minute for your search! Whether you opt for a flat, mid, wedge, or high heel, each of these will require a difference in alternations if you have chosen a longer dress. Check out our latest shipping times to be sure we can meet any tight deadlines for you.

Considering your venue is also a key factor! Just as you would consider the weather, venues will have an important part to play when you are deciding on footwear. From garden parties to beach ceremonies, and dance floors, you will have a different style in mind for each. Our design team here at Sophia Webster works their collections with this in mind and has created not only our signature butterfly wings and sandals but now has expanded into mules, flats, platforms, and mid heels.

Choosing your size. When trying on your wedding shoes make sure you know which fits you best! Don’t be afraid to reach out to our wonderful customer experience team to ask for any measurements or sizing advice that you will need! This is one pair that you want to make sure fits!  

If in doubt or have any questions reach out to our customer experience team here 

Posted by Emily