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July 2023


Sophia Webster Designs Shoes for Mark Cavendish’s Tour De France Finale

Tour de France record holder and world champion cyclist, Mark Cavendish, has enlisted the artistic talent of fashion-accessories designer Sophia Webster to design his cycling shoes for his historic final Tour de France.

Mark and Sophia have been connected for many years on a family level through their shared step-son, Finnbar.  Knowing that Sophia’s shoes are loved by her followers for their iconic wing detailing, Mark shared with her an idea to reference Hermes, the fastest of all Greek gods, for his cycling shoes.  Sophia’s best-selling ‘Evangeline’ angel wing sandal became the inspiration for this collaboration, with the angel wing detail overlaying the Nike swoosh that features on Mark’s cycling shoes. In this, his retirement year, Mark will be racing to add to his record of the most stages ever won at this competition.

Sophia said: “It’s an absolute honour tobe a part of Mark’s momentous Tour de France finale.  Knowing him on a personal level through our blended families has given me an inspiring insight into the amount of hard work and determination that goes into being one of the greatest cyclists of all time. Best of luck Mark!”

Mark said: “Having known Sophia for a number of years, I’ve been fortunate to see the personality behind some of the most beautiful accessories in fashion.  Bold, imaginative and individual, Sophia’s designs make a statement and conjure memories, as I’d love to do in my final Tour de France. I can’t thank Sophia and her team enough for this privilege.”