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Summer with Sophia

August 2023  |  By Sophia
Hello lovely subscribers,

Me again! I hope everyone is having a gorgeous summer. The holidays have flown by in our house juggling work, kids’ clubs, slime-making, castle-climbing, and even a Ninja Warrior UK challenge! 

Sophia Home We did manage to squeeze a week away in Minorca. It was our first holiday in four years and the first time we had flown with all four littlies but we survived. Phew!

I was trying my best to pack light so choosing shoes was a challenge but I lived in my ‘Esme’ sandals. They were so perfect because they can get wet, so ideal for the beach and sparkly enough for a casual evening. It was great to get a chance to try the girls in some of my new Mini summer sandals, get their feedback, and see how they wear. I switched the Mini production to Spain recently and the quality and comfort is just incredible. I’m so excited to start adding more designs to the collection! 

The first copy of my memoir ‘Oh My Gosh, I Love Your Shoes!’ arrived whilst I was away. I was overwrought with emotions at the thought of opening it. It was created with so much love, honesty, and obsessive attention to detail that I was super nervous to open the package. I could never imagine not seeing a physical shoe before proceeding to production with it, but in the literary world, you only see proofs of pages not a complete book before the whole run is made…terrifying!!!  But, to my absolute delight, I LOVE it! Holding the first copy in my hands was magic. I’m so proud of it and can’t wait for you to read it. You can see my reaction below…

Head over to Instagram for more snippets of what’s inside my book.

Have a beautiful day, 

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