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LOL Surprise! By Sophia Webster

October 2023


A Dream Collaboration Collection. LOL Surprise! By Sophia Webster

When L.O.L. Surprise! approached Sophia Webster for their first-ever collaboration with a fashion brand, and she jumped at the opportunity. Sophia was already familiar with the dolls thanks to her daughters being big fans. But even before becoming a mother, Sophia had always understood the potency of imaginary characters and dolls, particularly those with a hyper-feminine aesthetic.

Anyone familiar with both brands will instantly see how they would connect on colour, pattern, textures and unabashed girl power. Sophia was invited to design a doll and took inspiration from her iconic and best-selling “BossLady” shoes, bags, and Mini shoes.

Cue L.O.L. doll in a pink sparkly slogan dress, pastel glitter bunches, sparkly heart sunglasses and most importantly, BossLady platforms in baby blue and leopard print. More is definitely more! To celebrate this partnership Sophia took inspiration from her own BossLady doll plus 4 of L.O.L.’s most popular dolls – MC Swag, Queen Bee, Neon QT and Diva – and designed a range of Mini jellies and wellies, and a very exclusive run of high heels for her most avid grown-up fans that yearn for this quintessential manifestation of Sophia’s creative universe.

“Designing a collaboration like this is my ultimate happy place. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my BossLady doll – she’s cute, sassy and my daughters have given their enthusiastic thumbs up! I love the idea of kids all over the world playing with a doll embodying the BossLady energy and hope that it inspires them.”

– Sophia Webster