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The Pimp My Coco Challenge

July 2016
pimp my coco

Now closed…. Thank you to everyone who joined in and sent us an entry!


The challenge is BACK! Sophia was so overwhelmed by the talent showcased in the #PimpMyChiara challenge that we’ve decided to celebrate 750K Instagram followers by giving you another one!

Enter the #PimpMyCoco challenge for the chance to have your own Coco design custom made. Designs from prints to patterns to crazy colour combinations are all welcome… go completely COCO with it!


-Save and print the sketch below

-Once you’ve coloured it in, post your picture to Instagram, tag us and include #PimpMyCoco #SophiaWebster and @SophiaWebster in the caption

-You can enter as many times as you’d like!

 -Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Snapchat for updates!

-Competition closes 8th of August, good luck!

pimp my coco template


You can also download and print the image here.

don’t forget the TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Coco Flamingo Pimp My Coco