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Our Hot Stepper of the month

October 2016
Sophia Webster Mila

Tiffany is looking super chic in her Mila sandals. She took some time out to answer a few questions:

Where are we most likely to see you wearing your ‘Mila’ Sandals?

I will wear my ‘Mila’ Sandals EVERYWHERE…events, dinner, date night, fashion week and more! They’re so comfortable and make it through the entire night. I love that I never have to bring back-up flats when I’m wearing them.

What attracted you to choose the ‘Mila’ Sandals?

The graphic design in all black pulled me in. I’m normally a color fiend and will often go for anything other than the black option. However, these were definitely the exception. They are what I call ‘elevators’. Wearing them instantly increases the style factor of an outfit.

Describe Sophia Webster shoes in 3 words…

Whimsical, Eye-Catching, and Unique,

Do you base your outfit around the shoes or the shoes around the outfit?

Most of the time, I’ll work from the ground up. I value comfort AND style these days.

If you could name a pair of Sophia Webster shoes what would it be?

Tiffany :)

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

After recently moving to New York, I get inspiration from the streets. My favorite pastime is people watching. I love seeing how people interpret style and it inspires me to push the envelope a little bit more.

What classic piece of clothing is essential in your wardrobe?

I live for my shoes. Great shoes can take a outfit from looking like everyone to looking like everything!

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