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October 2017

Look 01

Taniea is wearing a full look from the first drop of our PumaXSophiaWebster collaboration. She bought many pieces from the collection, so we thought we’d ask her a few questions about her look:


Where are we most likely to see you wearing the PumaXSophiaWebster Collection?

This collection exceeded my typical athletic wear collaboration expectations. With that said, you’d most likely catch me wearing any of these PumaXSophiaWebster pieces to causal daytime outings, running errands, taking a dance class of some sort, and/or mixing and matching items in the collection to create cool looks for my blog.

What attracted you to choose the PumaXSophiaWebster Collection?

Sophia Webster has been my all-time favourite shoe designer for years. As a designer and fashion blogger, I have always been most attracted to her unapologetically creative/original/innovative/imaginative approach in every single collection she’s released.

Choosing this collection was a no-brainer! Supporting someone I absolutely adore is what primarily attracted me to support this collection, but the fact that it was nothing less than picture perfect was a big bonus; the colours, patterns, and designs cohesively create a fantastic aesthetic! Also, this athletic wear collection is nothing like what I’ve seen before. Per usual, Sophia adds her highly creative and whimsical touch into each piece, which makes this collection completely irresistible. 

Describe the collaboration in 3 words…


What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

Honestly speaking, I absolutely love all the pieces from this collection, but if I had to choose just one, it would be the ‘Reversible Bomber Jacket’. Of all the pieces in this collection, I think this jacket definitely showcases both creativity and femininity – which seems to be the two themed characteristics of this collection. I also love the versatility of the bomber jacket; one side encompassing girly and feminine vibes while the other side can be styled as an everyday piece. 

What is your favourite piece to work out in and why?

The ‘Printed Shorts’ are my go-to for working out. I’ve worn this piece to both the gym and a workout class, and in each setting they stole the show. Being comfortable and fashionable are most important to me for athletic wear and this piece in particular surpassed my expectations on that front.

What is most important to you, functionality or design?


If you could name a pair of Sophia Webster shoes what would it be?

‘Madame Smith’

I imagine this shoe to be composed of vibrant colours, a bold pattern, functionally simplistic, creative, and versatile for any occasion.

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

My style inspiration comes from various things including all things creative, femininity, retro fashion from the 50s, 60s, and 70s eras, traveling, architecture, runways, style blogs, celebrities, people watching, vibrant colours, bold patterns, simplicity, complexity, versatility, and mismatching.

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