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November 2019

Your Wish is Our Command  


We interviewed model and journalist, Jess Cole  
to find out what she thinks about… #SizingUp

1.What size shoe are you?


2.What are your favourite styles form the #SophiaWebsterSizingUp range?

I love the champagne mids (Rosalind Ombre – coming soon) as they are a cute heel for going out in and if you are sick of wearing a plain black stiletto. I also adore the silver and mermaidy print high heels (Natalia Platform), fun and outrageous but also comfortable. 

3. What is your first memory of wearing heels?

Crying my eyes out on the high street because I couldn’t find any heels that fitted me for prom. So I had to mail order these nylon turquoise heels from some American shoe company. 

4. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to those who’ve had the same challenges with footwear that you have encountered?

You are not less of a woman or less feminine because you have bigger feet. 

5.Define what Sophia Webster as a brand means to you? 

The new collection going up to a size 46 is a meaningful and impactful acknowledgment that women, like myself, do exist in all of our wonderful shapes and that we should not be squeezed into society’s narrow expectations of the how a woman should physically be. SW is ultimately is about the freedom of choice and the freedom to move freely without being in pain. 

6. Your Vogue article brilliantly articulates the need for body diversity within the industry, and you’ve been an activist in this struggle for some time. What’s your next step in promoting awareness of this situation?

This conversation has only just begun and I am eager to have more voices heard, so we can all affect real change in the footwear industry. Not just for woman with bigger feet, but also asking why as women we still accept painful shoes as some sort of feminine rite of passage. I’m working on creating a zine exploring and celebrating the beauty of feet. Then long term vision is for anyone, anywhere to be able to walk into a shop and get the size that really does fit. 

Finally the shoe FITS 

Watch this space, more #SizingUp styles coming soon…