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Up to Size 46

December 2019

Your Wish is Our Command  


“Launching the larger sizes is one of the things that I’m most proud of. We were the first luxury shoe brand to have this range and to go up to a size EU 46 /UK 13/ US 15.5.   I thought it was strange and indicative of the times that when we launched no one, except for Gay Times, really gave this story any coverage. It almost felt like talking about big feet on females was a taboo. I think the industry is much more open now to discussions about diversity, discrimination and inclusion but then we had to rely on the best most trusted advertisement of all word of mouth.  Slowly we have built up a reputation as a destination for beautiful shoes in extended sizes.  The feedback is so special and absolutely justifies the expense and the effort. I still get that warm, fuzzy feeling, even now years after launching extended, reading the messages from customers describing their elation when they discover we stock their size.  It was about time that these sexy Cinderella’s find their dream shoes for the Ball!” – Sophia Webster

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