The Ultimate Statement Shoe

When I designed Rosalind Crystal, I wanted to create an iconic evening shoe that could act as a true accessory to any outfit.
I‘d already developed a pin heel with colourful beads on it and thought it would be a great idea to try the concept with crystal beads. Add a triple strap upper and the ‘Rosalind’ was born. The middle strap was key to adding security and comfort on a high heel without compromising on the minimalist feel.

Since launching this style in 2015 I have been blown away by its popularity on the red carpet where a touch of sparkle from the camera flash makes it extra striking ✨ I love regularly seeing posts of it at weddings. I am told it is a favourite for brides because of its versatility – a special wedding shoe but also perfect for a date night or dance floor again and again! – Sophia x

Discover our Do’s and Don’t on caring for your new crystal companions! Read below… 

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