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How to Care for your Crystal Heels

October 2022

Crystal heels are one of our most iconic styles and have been a staple from the beginning! The perfect accessory that adds a sparkle to any look and is featured across Sandals and platforms.

Crafted and assembled by hand these intricate styles each have a unique charm. The key to long-lasting crystals is storage! Our pink cotton dustbags come with any footwear purchase and are perfect for keeping your sparkles in place when not in use. Take care when wearing your crystals to avoid hitting them on hard or sharp surroundings. 

Over time, some crystals may fall out naturally due to our artisan’s hand-placing 100s per pair. If this happens our customer service team is prepped and ready to restore your dream crystal heels to sparkle! Simply get in touch and we can help you further

Need any further info? Check out our product care guide here for more info or contact our customer experience team via email or live chat.