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How to Care for your Leopard Heels

October 2022


One for the animal-print lovers, our new leopard heels are here and are sure to be the bombshell of the season! Crafted from calf hair, also known as pony hair, here are our top tips for caring for your newest sole mates.

  1. Take care in wet weather! Try not to get your heels too wet! Exposure to small amounts of moisture won’t harm the hair, however, take care not to soak the calf hair. If your pair does get wet, simply wipe it off with a dry cloth as soon as possible.
  2. If your pair gets dirty, it’s important to let your pair dry completely before brushing it off with a small, bristled brush. Following the direction of the hair where possible.
  3. If you are worried about any hair loss or patches, we recommend contacting a professional who can recommend the best treatment to keep the hair in place. We do not recommend doing this at home as certain sprays may change the appearance of the hide. Please also do not use scotch guard or any leather spray protector on calf hair.

Need any further info? Check out our product care guide here for more info or contact our customer experience team via email or live chat.