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How to care for our Fabulous Fluffy Collection

November 2022

Delicia Marabou Mid mule & 100mm Mule in Gold and Sherbert Pink

One for the party-season lovers, our fluffy Marabou feather collection is here just in time! Be the bombshell of the season in our exclusive heels, hand-crafted in various colours and set on our most iconic silhouettes! Here are our top tips for caring for and storing your new sole mates

  1. Take care in wet and humid weather! Feathers are very delicate and therefore need to be looked after with the utmost care!
  2.  When not wearing your feathered accessory, make sure to store your feathers as flat as possible, use the tissue paper provided and place behind them, with a single piece of tissue paper wrapped around the toe to keep them in place.
  3. To refresh the look of your fluffy pair, gently run clean fingers through the feathers to keep the appearance fresh. 
  4. It is possible for some erosion to occur over time due to the nature of the material, to avoid these make sure your pair is kept in the dustbag and box provided.

Need any further info? Check out our product care guide here for more info or contact our customer experience team via email or live chat.